Sunday, January 3, 2010

Onidama Online -How to Register-

Click the following link to jump Official Site Registration Page.


After you jump to Official Site, look at the picture below, type your e-mail and press the button. You will receive the e-mail in few minutes. Now check your inbox.

Now you will receive the e-mail looks just like this. Click the link to proceed.

Now the worst part LOL. We don't like doing this, but follow my instruction and there should be no problem.

Once you are done filling the info then scroll down and click the button to proceed.

Click the button to proceed.

Scroll down and press the button.

Press the button.

If you see the below image then your registration is done!
Now you can download the client to start Onidama Online!

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  1. This doesnt for for It only works for atgames.

  2. i managed to register and download the game, but it keeps giving an error saying: server maintance or something...
    how do i fix it? thx!