Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introduce: Onidama Online

What characters are available in Onidama Online?
Well, the below are all you need to know about Onidama Online's characters.

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Peasant: All characters begin the game as Peasants. This is when players are given their first skills such as run, high jump, meditate and palm force, which carry over to their next class. Once the player has reached level ten, a job ascension will become available. The player can then choose to either become a "Warrior, "Assassin", or "Magician/Taoist" from their respective job NPCs.

Warrior: The Warrior class is the main melee class of Ghost Online. The class offers a high amount of defense and offense. They do not have many ranged attacks, so they are forced to approach their target head-on in order to fight. Warriors can battle with a sword, a basic, melee weapon with high attack power, or a saber, another melee weapon with even greater attack power than its counterpart. Sword-type skills are more hit- and target-amount oriented, Saber-type focus on utilizing the Saber's status as the physically strongest weapon, and focusing the damage on fewer monsters, contrary to the sword's. The warrior NPC can be currently found at Sentosa (Blue) Plains 2.

Assassin: The Assassin class is the most agile and stealthiest class, opting to outmaneuver their opponents rather than attack bluntly. Players can choose to wield a claw, a fast melee weapon, or a glove, a ranged weapon using throwing stars. Different varieties of throwing stars (with different bonuses to player attack (ATK) power) are bought at stores, and are used up as glove-users fight with them. Assassins serve as both a ranged and a melee class, something the other two classes lack. Claw assassins seem to be more single-target oriented, having only one mob-attacking skill (gained at level 18), where glove assassins' skills are highly capable of taking on multiple targets. This class becomes very powerful after level 75 and they do extremely high damage due to having maxed mastery. The assassin NPC can be found at Sentosa (Blue) Plains 6.

Magician/Taoist: The Magician class is the magic user of Ghost Online, focusing on ranged, magical attacks to fight. A Magician may use a fan, the weapon with the higher magic attack, or a staff, the weapon with the higher physical attack. Fan users usually start out with fire-based magics, and staff users use ice-based ones. Fan magic gets stronger than staff magic as the player levels, but the staff's ice-based magic has the advantage of having a random freeze probability on monsters. Magician also serve as a slightly more defense-capable class due to their ability to blind monsters, teleport from danger, and raise the defense stat.The magician NPC can be found at Blue Hill 3.

Goliath: The Goliath class is a class that is a close combat class. They use axes and wheels. Though skilled in melee they do not have a very high chance of winning against Taoists and Assassins.

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