Sunday, January 31, 2010

Register: GYOKUJI online

Guide of registering GYOKUJI online

Click the link below to jump official site

Click the button to start registration.

Enter your e-mail.
Then click the button below to continue.

Now if you see the same image below then check your mail inbox.

You should receive the verification mail like below.
Click the link to continue.

Fill in the information.

After you filled in the information,
scroll down and click the button to continue.

Click the button to continue.

Once you see the image below then you are done!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Review: Magical Burage Gakuin

So this game is my second web browser MMO to play, and would like to review it and just give some ideas to people who never played browser based MMO. Basically, other than the loading speed, there is no big differences in systems. 

The biggest benefit you receive by playing web browser based MMO is that you don't have to download and install the client. So, you can login and play from any computers if their flash is up to date. I found this very exciting and useful.

Well now, let me be begin reviewing this game.

The beginning of the game looks like the picture above. Interface is simple and self explanatory. However in this game, you don't use right click because it will just load flash based menus (like zoom in, zoom out, flash version etc)

The world map, looks like there are many places player can visit.
Each map has several maps and doesn't mean one symbol on the map = one map.

I'm in the beginner's field. Look at the top left status. The first one is me, and the second one is for my pet. You can receive your first pet at the first town.

Battle! In this game, the battle system is similar to non-online games such are Dragon Warriors and Final Fantasy. Players choose command for yourself and pet and wait for the turn to end.

PT with my friends. At this moment, I didn't know how to swap position with my pet, so I'm in front LOL.

Go friends, go. Give me your experiences.

Look, my new pet. In this game, almost all the monsters can be your pet by catching them in the battles. I'm pretty amazed with this system, it's fun. Not many information about rare pets and growing pets but I'm sure this will be one of this game's best features.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introduce: Magical Burage Gakuin

Magical Burage Gakuin is a web browser based MMO.

Click here to see the guide for registering Magical Burage Gakuin

Not like other MMOs, this game is just like an ordinary RPG that is similar to Dragon Warriors or kinda of Final Fantasy battles.

The awesome system in this game is that players can make almost all the monsters into their pets. Sounds like Pokemon and yes it's similar. Players do fight with monsters and players can turn them into his/her pet by choosing its command.

It's browser base MMO, so there is some loading time when you move to another map, buy items, battles but it's still faster than other web based MMO. The benefit of this is that you don't have to download big, slow, heavy and annoying clients. Of course, no install needed to play.

There are 6 characters you can choose from,





Magical Musician

Magical Gunner

Click here to see the guide for registering Magical Burage Gakuin

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How to Register: Magical Burage Gakuin

This is a guide to register Magical Burage Gakuin

Click the link below to jump official site.

Scroll down and click the button to continue

Click the button to continue

Fill in the information. Follow the guide below.

Scroll down after you filled out the info, and click the button

Click the button to continue

Now check your inbox and you should receive the activation e-mail.
Click to jump or Copy and Paste that address to activate.

After you jump to the above address, you will be asked to type your password that you set for yourself when filling in information. Type that password and click the button next to the password text box or just simply press enter key after you typed your password.

Now your account should be activated, in order to start this game, you don't need to download any client because this is a browser based MMO.

Go to the top page, which is here
and click the same image below to start the game. How easy is that?

Now select the server, create your character and enjoy!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update: R2 new maps for magicians and new usable player

New map was added in R2 Reign of Revolution, and also new monsters.

Click here to see how to register for R2

(New map)

(New monsters)

Addition to above updates, players now have two new monsters that they can become.

1.Dragon Knight

1. Dragon Knight Archer

Click here to see how to register for R2

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