Friday, January 15, 2010

Introduce: Sakujo Online

Sakujo Online is an online trading card game that contains Loli components.

Players choose cards from 60 cards to create your own strategy, and all of the cards are with Loli characters. The story of the game is, "One day, Loli characters suddenly discovered use of magic spells and special abilities. They now fight to know who is the best in this school."

Sounds confusing? Yes I know, but is there non-confusing story in Loli world? LOL, no.

One of the features is that players can grow their cards and increase card's status. Also, by growing the card, you can get different illustration of its character.

Before growing and After growing

The pictures below are the screenshots from the actual game.

Now, ready to play this game, and discover those Loli characters?
Click this link to see the guide for registering this game.

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  1. I never knew a game existed until I found a pixiv artist that drew one of the characters. I thought it was an anime and then I found what it really was by your post. I wonder if it will be popular outside of Japan.

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