Friday, February 5, 2010

Register: ARK SIGN

Guide for registering ARK SIGN Online.

Click the link below to jump official site.

Click the button to continue.

Type your e-mail address and click the button.
Now check your mail inbox.

You should receive the e-mail like the image below.
Click the link in the mail.

After jumped to the official site again by clicking the link in the mail,
click the button to continue.

Now fill in the information.
UserID 6-12 letters
password 6-10 letters
nickname less than 16 letters
sex male/female
Date of Birth Year/Month/Day
where you live (just choose any)
verification, type the alphabets in the box

*For User ID and nickname
You should click the button besides the text box to verify that the name is available.
Click the button next to the text box, and you should see the image below.

If you see this, you are OK and the name is available.

Now click the button to continue. No need to check anything from the list.

Click the button to continue.

If you see the image like below, you are done!

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