Sunday, December 20, 2009

R2 -Reunion- Japan updated

On December 16, 2009 R2 -Reign of Revolution- is renamed to R2 -Reunion- and their system will be updated.

The biggest change of system is new job called Summoner. Players are now able to choose Summoner and play new maps.

-Summoner Graphics-

Register and start playing R2 -Reunion- Japan to get advantage and benefit of special items and be the first one to use Summoner!

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  1. well, seems japan had a late patch about R2, in kroean version this is called the 4th Revolution, where this was a big patch, and this could change all the graphic system of the game, they enhanced the blur lod, and also the new characters for additional and big maps and new mobs and items, rare items too...

    I've got this patch last year when I was playing the Russian version... seems they had more the latest patches, i wonder why JP got this late... well good luck to it then.

  2. Hey thedollmaster, I replied you in's thread. I totally agree with your comment and I also wonder why Japan has such slow updating.

    But for me, some of JP servers are comfortable to play with just because they are slow ;) I don't like rush rush situation and always new new items.