Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pandora Saga Weapons and System

Pandora Saga is made in Japan MMO that has many features that other MMO don't have. There are 6 races and 4 basic jobs to choose from and you choose your nation from 3 nations which are Empire, Union and Kingdom.


Fighting Spirit : Passive increase 1 hand weapon damage.
Adaptation ability:Passive decrease body abnormal status duration.
Medical Knowledge: Passive increase the effective of using potion.


Harmony with Nature: Passive decrease mana usage of skill 15 % .
Distant view: Passive increase bow weapon attack range by 2m.
Pure Soul :Passive decrease mental abnormal status duration.


Strong Will: Passive Got percentage of remain 1 life point even the last hit should killed him.
drawf soul: Passive Increase damage when using Axe, Blunt weapon
Family love: Passive Got percentage of Tankingdamage receivedby nearby teamates which low life point.


Sharp Sense: Passive Occurrence probability of critical hit increases.
Anger Return: Passive got percentage that regenerate 1/10 of damage receive into mana.
Evade Intuition: Passive have 15 % of evasion.


Hard Skin: Passive reduce physical damage received.
Overpower Arm: Passive Increase damage when using 1 hand or 2 hands weapon
Lapin Support: Passive The physical damage to lapin inside the party member is lightened.


Magical Resistance Body: Passive The magical damage is lightened.
Magic Mastery: Passive Natural recovery power of mana increases.
Enkidu Support: Passive The magical damage to enkidu inside the party member is lightened

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